“Ek Kadam Manavta ki aur” “A Child died because of delay in reaching to the hospital. What is the fault of the child? – Not being born in a metro city, next time his/her soul wish to hunt for someone in the metro city”. “Sorry we were unable to save the mother due to excessive blood –is it true? Or the doctor is not qualified enough for the delivery, still people go to him/her because of derth of option”. “My son died because of fever since 5 days – Even Cancer can be treated if diagnosed early and patient lives his/her life happily with the family. Had the reason for fever diagnosed on time (the reason being Typhoid), her son wouldn't have died” So many sad stories …. Not covered by the media since they are too busy in providing coverage to Superstars/Politicians etc. This is definitely not the world which Gandhiji/Lal Bahardur Sashtri/ChandraSekhar Azad/KhudiRam Bose and many more dreamt of ! “Ek Kadam Manavta ki aur” is a non-profit organization which aims to save every single child and mother who dies because of lack of facilities/malnutrition/proper treatment. “Ek Kadam Manavta ki aur” seeks to offer following facilities: Ø Emergency vans in the remote areas to help the patient reaching to the hospital quickly to give proper treatment on time Ø Proper medical check-up for pregnant women before the deliver to ensure giving birth of a healthy child. Ø Provide low cost medicines to replace the existing profit making medicines, so as to make it affordable to every class of the people. Ø Provide timely training on the causes and remedy of malnutrition in the remote areas. Ø Organizing semi-annually camp for free diabetes/BP check-ups. Ø Remove the orthodox thinking of patriarch society and enlighten the importance of girl child for the betterment of society, state and the nation.

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